Friday, June 8, 2012

Austin's 5 year old pictures! He is well trained on how this process is done! I am so grateful of him and his sweet spirit! He is always willing to help and he is always looking out for Kinzley! Funny story.... when we were getting these taken Austin was trying everything to make Kinzley smile! He would sing and dance around and the second he got a smile out of her he would freeze and look at the camera with a BIG SMILE ON HIS FACE and then ask "did you get that?" Kinzley's 2 year old pictures!! This sweet little girl is 2 on the 25th! Where did my baby go?? She has so much energy and she is so full of life! She keeps us on our toes! She tries to keep up with all the older kids and fully feels that she is as big as they are! Austin means more to her then life itself! She loves babies which really makes me realize that she isn't a baby anymore! PURE LOVE RIGHT HERE! My friend Brooke did an amazing job taking these pictures!!! Thanks girl!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Saturday morning at the Morgan household! This is what its all about!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Today was Austin preschool graduation and we had very mixed feeling about it! He is very excited to move on to kindergarten but he loves his teacher so much that he is having a hard time letting them go! He told me today that if her never turns 6 can he still have Miss Lisa and Miss Shaun as his teachers! When he said goodbye to them today tears were shed all around! I have to bag for a second about Austin! He loves school and works really hard and loves learning new things! This is what his teachers said about him "Wow! Austin is amazing! He shows self confidence with everything he does! Austin understands addition, subtraction, time and money. He is reading independently and is above grade level in all areas! Keep up the great work!"
Kinz was feeling left out so she wanted her picture taken too!


This girl kills me with her love of shoes!!! She is always wanting to try on EVERYONE'S shoes except her own! Many times we have been running all around the house looking for Austin shoes because we are going to be late for his games and the last time we saw them was on miss Kinzley's feet!

Multiple Personalities

The many personalities of Austin Garrett Morgan :)